Beer Spa

    Bier Spa belongs among the most favourite spa procedures these days. It offers special and completely original spa therapy which uses the combination of beneficial effects of mineral water together with the effects of beer and all ingredients necessary for its production. It affects positively the whole vascular system. It clears the skin pores and it washes the harmful substances from the body off. It provides needful vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins to the skin. It improves the immune system.


    Chocolate Spa

    You experience the real relaxation in our Chocolate Spa. Chocolate Spa invokes the perfect feeling of beatitude and your body is covered in velvety calm. Soft chocolate bath has a peaceful effect and supports a microcirculation in the skin. It has positive effect on the elasticity of the skin and it slows aging down. The warm aroma and the taste of chocolate support the creation of endorphins (hormones of happiness). It evokes the blissful sense of security.


    Herbal Spa

    Lavender bath

    Lute bath


    Lemon, Orange

    Carbonic bath

    Oxygen bath

    Live magnesium salt bath

    Cleopatra’s bath




    2 people in 1 bath- 1900 Kč

    1 person in 1 bath- 1450