Skin and Body Care


    Safety and anti-wrinkles therapy. This treatment is a substitute for injection surgery for instance botulinum-toxin or hyaluronic injections and mesotherapy. It provides immediate effect together with long-lasting results. The treatment revitalizes and prevents the aging of the skin.


    BIOPURE - Oxygen skin therapy

    Dynamic cellular oxygenation. Protective shield against impurity - capturing of harmful substances - neutralization of toxic molecules. It provides the energising effect.


    Hydra clinic

    Anti-dry and anti-dehydration skincare. This therapy is convenient for really dry skin after sunbathing or for the burns treatment.  The part of the therapy is special film which works like the alternative way of substitution of the damaged tissue.



    Non-surgical lifting (non-injectable wrinkle filling). Innovative and surprised method. 10 years younger in 42 days. It allows full restructuring of the face contours. The Energy Lift fills deep wrinkles by patented, non-invasive technique. It also removes localized fat from the cheeks and the neck.



    Fresh caviar

    Professional cosmetic treatment, the extracts from fresh caviar cells procedure. It provides three main effects: hydration, nutrition and strengthening. The latest findings from the field of cosmetics are used in this procedure.


    Ayurvedic treatment - Tarani

    It excels with precise relaxation and detoxification procedures that astonish you not only by the quality and the comfortable design but also by the real results.



    Price: from 700 Kč to 3100 Kč