Massages, wraps and therapies

    Breuss‘s massage

    It is a soft and effective method used for stimulation of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal apparatus. This kind of massage regenerates intervertebral discs in a significant way and it also brings relief from a back pain. The function of discs can be renewed by the repeated massage. The vertebrae are separated from each other by gentle motions therefore the discs can have enough space. The regeneration is supported by the St. John’s Wort oil that penetrates into the spine. The acupressure points are also stimulated during Breuss’s massage. These acupressure points are located along the spine so the massage has the positive effect on the internal organs, too.

    60 min- 490 Kč


    Bowen’s pressure massage

    It rests in the application of mild pressure and motion across the muscles or the muscle tendons on anatomically precise points on the body. You can achieve the muscle relaxation, better blood and lymph circulation in organism, energy blocks relief and energy renovation.  This massage is helpful in treating for example headaches, back pain, cross pain, crush pain, muscle cramps, frozen shoulder, muscles pain, tennis elbow, night enuresis, flatulence, nausea, swelling, dizziness, nervousness, stress and many other health problems.  


    30 min- 300 Kč


    Indian head massage

    This massage increases the physical and mental well-being. Thanks to this massage, you will get rid of the tension from everyday modern lifestyle that gathers in shoulders, neck and the parts of head. The massage of the skin at the top of the head supports the transport of the blood to the follicles and it improves the supply of the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. It leads you to maximal relaxation and relieving. This massage acts as the real cure for various pains and tension in the neck and shoulders muscles.


    60 min- 490 Kč


    Ayurvedic massages

    It is a comprehensive medical system respected by WHO. This medical system focuses on a body and a soul harmonizing. These massages provide deep relaxing effect and provable therapeutic effect. The organic oil massages establish a balance in the body and the soul by supporting the circulation. This circulation brings nutrients to the cells in the tissue and removes harmful toxins from the body at the same time. Ayurvedic massages clarify, regenerate and maintain the strength and the energy.


    2,5- 3 h

    Price: from 1700 Kč to 2100 Kč



    Relaxing and other massages

    • Hot lava stones massages              1, 5h= 750 Kč
    • Honey massages                             45 min- 420 Kč
    • Chocolate massages                       2h= 990 Kč
    • Thai massages                                1h -2h from 700 Kč to 1100 Kč
    • Classic massages                            20 min= 260 Kč
    • Lymphatic massages                      30 min-120 min from 300 Kč to 1200 Kč
    • Reflex massages                             30 min= 330 Kč
    • Pregnancy massages                      30min- 60 min from 280 Kč to 550 Kč
    • Baby massages                               10 min- 60 min from 50 Kč to 350 Kč
    • Anti-stress head massages             30 min= 330 Kč