Body shaping

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    Revolutionary exercise. The thoughtful use of this exercise is ideal for healthy revitalisation and muscle regeneration. The device generates impulses through the electrodes. These electrodes stimulate individual parts of the body right on the skin. The impulses cause contraction in the muscles and create a natural load. It is the training of the 21st century: EMS training.



    1 lesson- 350 Kč   



    This modern device allows us to focus on fat burning, especially on problematic body parts, without more effort. It works also against the orange skin. The person walks slowly on the walking belt in the vacuum cabin. The problematic body parts are in a vacuum. It provides better blood circulation of non-sweated areas of the fat in underbelly, buttocks and tights. It is a healthy alternative of liposuction. You can see the success after 10 applications.

    1 lesson- 180 Kč




    Vibratory platforms. The person practice 100% of muscle fibres during the vibrational training instead of 40% during the common training. Compered, 1 minute of vibrations corresponds with 100 knee bends and the 10 minute lasting lesson on fitvibe is as effective as complete fitness training. It is even funnier!

    1 lesson- 150 Kč